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Student Stories

Leader, international student, writer, tree planter: meet Sean Park

Hailing from South Korea, Gyungsoo (Sean) Park, 19, is our student leader responsible for media. This month he spearheaded a volunteer tree planting event on Motuihe Island. It was not only a stand against global warming but also an opportunity to unite students from all areas of the school.

What’s it like being a student leader?

It means I have more responsibilities and have to manage my time more efficiently. It also provides opportunities to meet Cambridge students or Year 11 students and organise clubs or events with them.

This was one thing that I, as an International Baccalaureate student, found hard as I knew only a handful of Cambridge students and organising a large event was quite hard to manage. Nevertheless, with the help of other leaders and my peers, I was able to organise the tree planting event and bring in a lot of both IB and Cambridge members.

What are your plans for the media portfolio?

I absolutely love writing. I love to write historical essays, creative writing, and journalism. Before becoming a student leader, I started a writing club at Senior College, and hope to become the next manager for the Pulse Magazine club.

My plans are to create the most fantastic yearbook and Pulse Magazine. When I was a year 12 student, the media leader Florence inspired me to become a better writer and to engage with other school activities. When the opportunity came, I wanted to lead the club the way she did and to inspire other students the way Florence did.

What makes a good student leader?

Someone who can manage their time and organise events efficiently. Without one or the other, it would be quite hard to study and organise events. A good student leader should always help their peers get more engaged in school activities or events.

Tell us about the tree planting event

Last year, I took part in a tree planting volunteer event on Motuihe Island. It was an excellent opportunity for me to actively stand against global warming and deforestation and, at the same time, it allowed me to get to know my peers. This year, Chloe, June and I are planning to continue this fantastic activity to help the cause and provide more opportunities for students to get to know each other.

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